Miller verus Knipe

On May 16, I received a copy of a letter that Dr. Knipe wrote to the EMDRIA Standards and Training Committee asserting that he deserves credit for authorship of my work, that the committee should therefore discipline me for not giving it to him, and that the treatment method I teach is incorrect and dangerous.   
     Dr. Knipe began asserting his authorship of my work after I presented my published work at the 2011 Anaheim EMDRIA conference.  I disagreed and explained to him why our two ideas could not be the same   At some point, from what I understand, he began telling people about his claim to my ideas.  Now from his May 16th letter, I am stunned to discover that he actually attributes words to me that I have never uttered.
     I have provided evidence to the committee to show that the content of what I teach in my workshops is nothing like what Dr. Knipe made up and attributed to me.  I also provided to the committee a point-by-point description of the differences between the two ideas and the resulting differences between the models of treatment for addictive/compulsive disorders.
     Nothing I say in my letter is new except for the articulation of the differences in treatment models.  For those people who have not attended a workshop, I have also included in my letter a link to a video of one of my workshops as evidence of his false statements about what I teach.    
     I am making this matter public because, over the years, Dr. Knipe has misstated what I teach so that people have a misconception of my work—and because, by doing so, he has impugned my professional reputation.  A public discussion is necessary in order to set the record straight.

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